October 4th, 1957.

Cosmodrome of Bajkonur, Soviet Union.

Sputnik 1 is launched into space, the first man-made object to reach space and enter orbit around Planet Earth. Sputnik in Russian means “Travel Companion”

Kluster Mods



Inspired by this exceptional milestone, 63 years after we are ready to start a new journey




Size –  Ø22mm*52mm (including tip)

Materials –  SS304 | Peek | PMMA

Connector –  Standard 510

Liquid Capacity –  3.8ml with bottom refill

Airflow  –  1.8mm bottom airflow hole

Sputnik Air Disks  –  6×0.6mm (stock)

3×0.6mm, 4×0.6mm, 6×0.8mm & 12×0.6mm (optional)

Drip Tip  –  Standard 510

Juice Control  –  By rotating the tank





An innovative airflow management system based on interchangable disks located under the deck.

Thanks to the Sputnik Air Disks you can find an optimal draw with no variation to the under coil intake, allowing for a calibrated chamber ventilation and preserving flavour response.

We currently have five Air Disks available: one is provided together with the Sputnik RTA, while the others are available as add ons being sold separately.

– 3×0.6mm (optional)

– 4×0.6mm (optional)

– 5×0.6mm (optional)

– 6×0.6mm (stock)

– 6×0.8mm (optional)

– 12×0.6mm (optional)


Air Disks are the core of Sputnik.
An incredibly versatile, useful, convenient and reliable way to modify the air flow, changing not only the air quantity but also the contrast.
Of course, to achieve knowledge you need to start from an idea and eventually confirm it through experience. In the photo you can see a small part (the one I had available) of this experience path, regarding the Air Disks. Therefore, this photo also contains the reason why making Atomizers is not easy at all … you have to make many prototypes to verify that the ideas on paper are actually transformed into reality.
Splitting up the total air flow into smaller flows helps, at the same flow rate, to keep the contrast higher, that feeling of resistance that is so fundamental for a true MTL draw and if this were not enough, moving the holes away from the center, forcing the air to go further and a less direct path contributes in the same way. By working with the number of holes, their diameter and their spatial positioning on the disc, the combinations are almost infinite.


– A simple but extremely reliable construction made of just a few components, allowing for the best user experience.

– Threads use is minimized on Sputnik RTA, almost every pairing is done by O-rings. This particular detail, together with an obsessive focus on the tolerances makes every operation quick and agile.

– No airflow ring. The airflow is only managed only by mean of Sputnik Air Disks allowing a fine yet easy tuning of the draw, elevating his neatness to Space levels!






Korolev and Keldys are the two Extra Chambers of our Sputnik RTA.

The new “Extra Chambers” for Sputnik RTA will allow you to further customize the vaping experience with your favorite satellite!
Korolev: thanks to its steps it reduces the volume of the vaporization chamber giving a detailed and “angular” flavor rendition just like its appearance.
Keldys: the vaulted ceiling significantly increases the internal volume of the chamber, thus giving new shades of flavor.



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The new combi tank in stainless steel and PMMA that allows top refilling.
The kit contains a steel tank, a PMMA glass, a steel top cap, a PMMA top cap and a bag of spare parts.



Two new add-on to make your own Sputnik RTA more tiny and customizable!

A new series of Tanks in 3 different sizes and 4 different materials that will allow Sputnik RTA twelve different customizations.

Nano Kit – Capacity 2ml

Ultra Nano Kit – Capacity 1.5ml